InnGenius PMS

Not another cloud based hotel software.

Management done right.

InnGenius Hotel PMS Software packed with powerful features and makes it easy for you to manage your daily tasks while increasing your productivity and guest satisfaction. InnGenius is built with the help of a team of hospitality experts, enabling InnGenius PMS to satisfy even the most intricate operations. In today’s’ hospitality  industry, a great property management system should not only save you time and money but add to your revenue and productivity.

Calender & Dashboard

An easy to view availability screen provides daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly views of your property on a room type summary calendar basis, with the major reservation data available from the main screen. Quickly find all the information you need with the powerful search feature. Simply type in a guest’s name, folio or room number and you’ll find all of the occurrences in reservations, folios, and history. Check-ins and check-outs are done with just a few clicks. Add-on and extra services can be added to the folio with ease. Changes to room rates like daily price editing or a price change for the whole stay can be done within the reservation screen. Full audit trail for all of the financial transactions, as well as all check-ins, check-outs, and room moves can be tracked in the same screen.

Availability & Reservation

InnGenius PMS offers a variety of screens to manage your daily tasks. A dashboard screen that shows all the occupied rooms with guest info, upcoming arrivals/departures with outstanding balances. A calendar tape chart view allows you to see all your rooms, number of available rooms, past/future reservations, room housekeeping status and room rates with mouse hover. We have a permanent system link area on the left side of the screen which can be customized with most used reports so that you can find the data you need with a single click.

InnGenius PMS software is truly a trendsetter when it comes to room rates. You can check the room rate and rate plans without clicking on any window or button, simply move the mouse over to the desired day and a small popup screen will reveal all that information to you. If you need to see a reservation total all you have to do is click on “New Reservation” button and it will calculate the room rates with length of stay and it will filter all available rooms in a blink of an eye.

Color coded room chart provides easy to understand housekeeping status. Dirty, clean rooms, stay overs are all color coded to prevent a dirty room being rented and provides user an update date information on housekeeping progress.

A room availability row is located on top of each room type that shows number of available rooms on any given date, this function helps you assign rooms more precisely and serves as an occupancy indicator.

Color Coded Room numbers provides instant room status such as blocked, available, checked-out or occupied. No more guessing if room is available to check-in your next guest.

Reservation Features

Advanced search windows allows you to filter data by guest name, check-in or check-out dates, room types, room numbers, balance, reservation status, reservation ID or reservation creation date.

InnGenius Hotel PMS software has customizable input areas for guest info and company profile. Guest related special notes can also be attached to a guest profile for future visits.

Creating a new reservation requires only two clicks in the calendar. No need to cycle through several questions or fields needed. Simply pick the dates and type the guest name hit “Reserve”. InnGenius will automatically assign the rate plan with the highest priority and reduce your availability across the connected networks.

In rare cases, you may have to split a reservation into multiple rooms. For instance a loyal customer may have a favorite room that is not available on their arrival, but accepts to stay in another room and wants to be relocated as soon as his favorite room becomes available. InnGenius easily splits a reservation into multiple rooms and assign the rates accordingly.

Party reservation feature helps user manage group reservations with ease. Multiple room check-ins/check-outs, payment routing between group owners and individual accounts, extracting a reservation from party or inserting it into a party, extended stay of individual rooms after party check-outs are some of many benefits of InnGenius PMS system’s group reservation functionality.

InnGenius Hotel software supports most keyboard emulating card scanners to import guest ID data directly from state issued drivers licenses and ID cards. A single swipe will pull up all the ID data automatically and fill out the mandatory fields in an instant saving valuable time during a check-in.

Availability Control

InnGenius Hotel PMS software controls all room availability and sends instant updates to website booking engine, connected OTA channels and GDS networks. You can also set up room allotment for distribution networks.  InnGenius Hotel PMS software is one of the fastest hotel management system on the market, with average reservation retrieval time of 3 seconds. InnGenius averages 90% score on and Expedia connection stability charts. You can also independently verify this information with the OTA channels.

Every hotel guest is different and so are their needs. InnGenius allows you to block rooms or room types based on customer preference.

Creating charges of addons and extras are a straightforward process. You can customize extra charges and taxes and categorize them for accessibility. You can also create new extras while in a reservation screen without having to go to system settings. We have several reports to analyze extra sales, taxes and revenues.

InnGenius Hotel PMS software offers a fully automated email system. Pre configured email templates can automatilly be sent out based on events such as a new booking, or a payment received. InnGenius will automatically send your guests their bills and reminders. Nothing impresses a customer more than a prompt communication.

Built-in chat system allows your team to be in sync at all times. You can send messages to your housekeeping team and keeping them up to date about arrivals of big groups etc. or send work order requests. You can text and notify various departments in your property at once.

Hotels in various parts of the world are required by the their government to upload their guest ID data to their local law enforcement systems. InnGenius is compatible with most of the ID upload systems used in these countries. It can either be setup for automated data upload or user can manually export this data and upload it manually..

InnGenius Hotel software provides a live inventory update that will sync inventory across the hotel’s distribution network lowing possibilities of overbooking saving you revenue and time. InnGenius can connect and update several OTA (Online Travel Agencies) GDS Networks and meta search engines.

Having a backup plan goes a long way for a successful holiday season. Guest waiting list will help fill those last minute cancellations. InnGenius constantly monitors occupancy levels and compares the data to guest waiting list. When there is a cancellation InnGenius will warn the user to contact a guest who asked to be put in the waiting list for the same time period as the cancellation.

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