InnGenius RV / Campsite Software
Let InnGenius do the work, so you can concentrate on your guests!
 Camping should be relaxing... for everybody 

What sets InnGenius apart from the others is that InnGenius RV and campground software was designed not only to maximize efficiency throught the park ,but also increasing revenues by sending your park availability to online distribution networks such as Trip Advisor and

InnGenius RV Software will be your mission critical piece of software that handles everything in your park from reservations, internet bookings, store and park sales, site management, marketing letters, invoicing, direct billing, housekeeping and work order.

InnConnect Campground Booking Engine

Gone are the days when most guests called the park office to reserve their stay. Now, nearly all phases of travel planning happen online  – from researching accommodation to the moment of booking.

Park website play a fundamental role in this: they’re where most travellers will go to see their options and make a reservation. 

Grab their attention by providing an excellent online experience:

Boost your online presence

Increase your exposure through Online sales channels, attract more guests with an enhanced digital marketing presence.

Sell Extras

Sell extra add-ons onsite or online.InnGenius POS module is the perfect fit for your onsite camp store, restaurant or giftshop.

Keep in touch

Customized automated emails create new opportunities to gather  guest reviews and improve guest retention by sending out upcoming event news.

Yield Management

Let InnGenius take the control of your rates based on pre-defined rules to increase your daily rates. InnGenius can automatically adjust your rates depending on your occupancy.